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Promoter withdraws from Tuscan holiday competition

We at Armagh I regret to inform our followers that our recently posted competition offering accommodation for four at San Podere Lorenzo has been withdrawn by the promoter for reasons known only to themselves. Having agreed full terms to the competition and approved everything before we ran it, the Perfect Tuscan Holiday has decided to renege on the offer.

The organiser, Ruth E Philbin, despite giving approval, claims that Armagh I and herself are in breach of copyright, but the person whom she claims had written the article, has refused to clarify ownership or their role, if any, in producing the editorial which we used to accompany the competition.

Armagh I has been threatened by Ruth E Philbin and the Perfect Tuscan Holiday with legal action if we do not remove all trace of the editorial, despite nobody being prepared to say they do hold the copyright. We are completely baffled by this, but to add insult to injury, the promoter also cites another reason for not wanting to continue with the competition which we find deeply insulting, hurtful and disappointing in the extreme, as it is a personal attack on YOU, our followers.

As part of the terms of entry and as requested we had asked people to comment under the story which many of you did. In issuing threats to have the editorial removed, we are informed in email, in relation to YOUR comments: “This clearly indicates to me that we are not targeting desired clientele.”

We believe this to be a disgraceful remark, to indicate that our followers on Armagh I do not fall in to the category of ‘desired’ residents at this Tuscan estate.

Our reputation and our followers here mean a lot to us and we thank you all for your support. We love doing what we do and being able to interact with all of you and we hope that you will choose to remain with us.

This is just one of a number of competitions that we have run since starting in September 2012 and it will by no means be the last.

Our competition to win a pair of tickets to see One Direction at Croke Park in May, a 1D book or one of three CDs remains live and will be drawn in April. And we can promise that there will be plenty more where that came from – news, sports, features, fun and giveaways – in the years ahead.

On this occasion we must apologise to each and every one of you over the withdrawal of this competition, a decision which was taken for us. We regret ever getting involved and entering into agreement with the Perfect Tuscan Holiday and are totally outraged by the offensive remarks levied at our followers. Again apologies to all.

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