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Podcast: The world according to two-year-old Zeke goes viral on TikTok

There’s something magical about discovering the world through the eyes of a child, but capturing that essence is rare.

Take two videographers, their adorable two-year-old son, a mic and the video-sharing platform TikTok though, and it’s a different story.

Dan and Hannah Gillespie wondered what ‘chatterbox’ Zeke was saying when out of earshot as he explored the park on family days out, so, while out and about on a holiday, they stuck a mic on him and listened.

Zeke’s musings were so sweet, his parents decided to share some of those moments with the world, so they posted a video of Zeke at play on TikTok around four months ago and the clip went viral.

Since then, the Gillespie family videos have amassed over 7000 followers and over a million hits. As videographers the quality of Dan and Hannah’s content reflects that, with beautifully produced videos that their followers can’t get enough of. Add five-month-old baby sister Eden and their dog Buddy, who has yet to feature, and you have the Gillespies.

For this week’s podcast Armagh I spoke to Dan and Hannah about the wholesome nature of their videos – which contain exactly the kind of non-toxic content that social media platforms need more of.

The Dungannon couple speak about the organic way it all began and how much Zeke loves to get mic’d up and listen back – yet is completely unaware of his popularity.

They describe their amazement at how well-received the Gillespie videos have been, and how happy they are to have created a little bit of joy through documenting and sharing the simple wonders of their little boy’s life.

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