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Female Entrepreneurs: Petra Carroll on how she ‘foiled’ the stereotypical business plan

What do you need to start a business? Qualifications, money, a business plan? Not according to long-standing Armagh based hairstylist and salon owner, Petra Carroll.

Petra’s is the second episode of our four part series, in partnership with Tarasis Enterprises, Supporting Female Entrepreneurs.

‘Conventional’ would not be the word to describe Petra. Her route to business, whilst not perhaps a stereotypical journey, is a reassuring one. She demonstrates that the key to success is intrinsic. It’s something she believes we all hold.

Petra champions those around her and places huge emphasis on the importance of the help and support she has received across her years in business. This support is something she is now keen to provide to those coming next, her team and her customer base.

Through shamanic healing and ‘energy medicine’ Petra has a zest and love for life that is nothing short of infectious. She has found a balance between business and pleasure that has allowed her to see life through a new lens.

Her advice to fledgling entrepreneurs, also a tad unconventional, is perhaps some of the best and most actionable advice for anyone thinking of starting out on their own.

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