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Home with young children targeted by thugs with ‘evil on their mind’

A pipe and two bullets were discovered on the doorstep of a young family’s home on the outskirts of Richhill this morning (Friday).

The crudely placed items were discovered by the homeowner just as young children were about to leave for school for the day.

The incident sparked a security alert in the area, with police now investigating the incident.

It’s the second such attack at this family home, with a previous, similar incident coming four years ago.

DUP MLA William Irwin, a neighbour of the family, spent some time with them this evening.

“These are very decent, hard-working people and nobody knows why they have been targeted, not only once, but twice now,” Mr Irwin told Armagh I.

Explaining the incident, he added: “The woman of the house noticed the pipe on the ground and thought nothing of it at first, but then she noticed the two bullets and realised this was no accident.

“The whole family are understandably annoyed and upset; especially given the fact it’s a home with young children.

“I honestly thought we had left those days behind us but clearly there are still a small minority of people intent on creating tension in our community.”

Mr Irwin added: “I absolutely condemn this in the strongest possible terms. I have a family of my own and the sheer thought of it ā€“ especially being so close to home ā€“ is traumatising but what this family must be going through doesn’t bear thought.

“The message I had for them was not to let these people win. If they move out, that’s what these people want, they can’t let them win. It baffles me these people and their twisted logic to scare decent, hard-working people like this.

“There are children in that house, with a Christmas tree up, just waiting for Santa to come, and then there are others out there with just evil on their mind ā€“ it’s sickening.”

Mr Irwin said police were aware of a suspicious vehicle in the area around 10.30pm on Thursday night.

“It may not have been related but any suspicious sightings should be reported. Even if it’s a small, seemingly insignificant piece of information, it may just help and paint a much bigger picture.”

If you have any information, please contact police on 101.

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