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Ulster Unionist Doug Beattie signs nomination papers for election in Upper Bann

Doug Beattie will contest the seat held by DUP's David Simpson

Doug Beattie signed his nomination papers to officially become the Ulster Unionist candidate for Upper Bann in the forthcoming General election.

“This election will be like no other,” he said.

“It will determine the shape of the United Kingdom for many years to come and how BREXIT will be delivered. Therefore it is important that your voice is heard. I encourage everyone to ensure they are registered to vote and it is essential for your children’s future that you actually turn out and vote.

“Upper Bann is a unionist seat. Almost inevitably some people will try to claim that a spilt in the unionist vote could allow Sinn Fein to be elected. Voters in Upper Bann should see this for what it is – a crude scare tactic, designed to engender fear and drive you to vote against what you know is best for Northern Ireland.

“The only way Sinn Fein could be elected in Upper Bann is if those who believe in the union, or those who want a voice that can truly represent them, fail to turn out and vote. Staying at home is a vote for Sinn Fein and erodes your representation at Westminster.

“I am a person who will represent everyone in Upper Bann. I believe in confident, respectful and inclusive unionism that is underpinned by integrity. If elected I will bring a refreshed and renewed style of representation to Westminster ensuring Upper Bann becomes a household name. I will strive for investment, advocate for security and justice, and ensure veterans and victims are not forgotten.

“I will ensure our position within the UK is maintained – not just by defending the Union, but by promoting the Union. This includes ensuring there is no internal borders within the UK which would undermine our constitutional position.

“In asking for your vote I ask for your trust. It is never easy to accept change, but if you truly value a strong UK with strong representation I ask you to vote for change.”

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