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Moronic motorist risked lives of rider, horse and public with act of total madness

Horse suffered severe nose bleed after being spooked

A Banbridge man has slammed the moronic actions of a motorist who blared his horn as he sped past him while on horseback this afternoon.

The driver overtook Adam Gibson at speed and frightened the horse to such an extent that it ran off.

The driver not only put the lives of Adam and his horse at risk, but other road users and pedestrians.

Adam took to Facebook to highlight the frightening incident and urge all motorists to show consideration and take care when driving near horses on the road – slowing their vehicle down to 15mph and leaving plenty of room.

Details of this afternoon’s shocking incident – which happened close to the man’s home – have been shared hundreds of times online.

Adam vented his rage in a post directly to the motorist, saying: “Not only did you nearly hit both the horse and myself you scared my horse so badly that he took off down the Banbridge Huntly Road in gallop for a good half mile as I couldn’t stop him no matter how hard I tried.

“Not only could both myself and my horse have been seriously hurt you put other drivers and pedestrians at risk.

“Luckily I was eventually was able to to pull the horse up and had to get off and walk the rest of the way home. The horse has suffered a severe nosebleed due to the fright and I too have been badly shaken up!!!!

“I really don’t get why people can’t have respect for horses on the roads as it’s an absolute disgrace!!!! Bad enough this is the road I live on and have no other ways of road exercising my horse for competitions!!!! PLEASE PASS ALL EQUINES SLOWLY AND WIDE AS THESE ARE ANIMALS AND TOTALLY UNPREDICTABLE!!!!!!”

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