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Fast food and frisky: Man cheesed off with car antics pens HILARIOUS plea

It's basically a story of shame!

A Banbridge man has reached the end of his tether with those who feel the need to litter the area near the family home.

Well, one person (make that two!!) in particular has come to his attention with some cheek-reddening antics (allegedly) performed in a Mini!

He has decided to vent his anger – in a tongue in cheek fashion – on the Banbridge Saints and Sinners Facebook page.

And the response to his post has been resounding!

He certainly does get his message across and does not hold back (if his eyesight serves him correctly neither do those he is complaining about)!

It’s amazing what a McDonald’s can put you in the mood for – Big Mac anyone?

Please don’t read if easily offended – you have been warned. Those thick-skinned read on – you will laugh, we can assure you!

The post reads: “To the person that drives the White/Cream Mini with R plates in the Steens Hill area of Banbridge…

“We have no problem with you parking at the top of our road and doing what you do, both in broad day light and night’s perfectly legal to eat a McDonalds in your car.. although the other 2 things that precede it are in fact somewhat illegal..

“1. Fly Tipping (as seen in the picture) which carry a council awarded penalty, this is a blatant disregard for our land and indeed an eyesore…
Knock it off!! and

“2. The wild mambo, dance with no pants or what ever you kids call it these days (sex). Now the law is quite sketchy when it comes to this and it states you have the right to have coitus in your vehicle if;

“1. You aren’t able to offend any more than two people while carrying out said act, (my mum, who’s 63 said she enjoyed your matinee event a few weeks back) I can understand that you think you’re in a quiet area, I can assure you, it’s quite a busy wee junction!

“2. You aren’t gaining from said adventure (prostitution) ie. Getting money, or indeed a McFlurry in exchange for a quick BJ!

“Now, if you are on this page and indeed are reading this, I have a few things for ya… How on earth do you have sex in a mini? If you keep eating all those McDonalds you’re gonna have to buy a bigger car to get laid in and also please stop using our lovely countryside as a personal dumping ground, we do a good enough job at pissing my dad off without your rubbish adding to the mix!”

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