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Armagh man made 13 nuisance 999 calls as he swore at police and threatened self-harm

Court heard he had thrown his phone at the chest of one of the officers before he was arrested

Armagh Courthouse

An Armagh man who threw his phone at an officer after making a number of nuisance calls to police will have to wait until the New Year to be sentenced.

Court heard that the 42-year-old, who is currently on probation, had sworn at police during the 999 calls and had made threats to self harm.

Leroy Brady, of Drumbreda Avenue, pleaded guilty to assault on police and improper use of communications at the city’s Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday.

Defence solicitor Jarlath Fields commented: “He is currently on probation for a case for which he was sentenced in this court on February 25 of this year.”

Prosecution outlined that on October 21, the defendant had consumed excess alcohol which exacerbates his psychosis and led to him making 13 calls to 999 between 5.45pm and 10pm.

During these, Brady would make threats to self-harm and swore at police.

They arrived at his address to observe a cut on his leg and warned him about his behaviour.

District Judge Paul Copeland stated: “Stop there, I think this is a man who requires further assistance. What was the nature of the assault?”

Prosecution said that Brady had thrown his phone at the chest of one of the officers before his arrest at 10pm.

District Judge Copeland stated: “This man is fit to drink all night, then he is fit to do some work for the community.”

A specific sentence report was ordered to assess whether the defendant was suitable for community service.

Brady was released to appear on January 7 for sentencing.

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