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Armagh I People of the Year Award 2023 Launch Event

Welcome to the launch of the third annual Armagh I People of the Year Awards. This year’s awards in association with our headline sponsor Alora Rejuvenation and also our eleven category sponsors will highlight the outstanding efforts of those within our communities who go above and beyond, not because they to but because they want to.

This year we are proud to have added to our accolades with the introduction of a twelfth category, Fundraiser of the Year, which will highlight the extraordinary work of the countless individuals who selflessly raise much needed funds for a charitable cause.

Taking a fresh approach this year, we have made some changes to previous categories, changes which we identified from previous year’s nominations. Our sporting award has been broadened to Sports Personality in a sporting arena, to allow for the inclusion of coaches and trainers as well as inspirational leaders within the local sporting community.

It is of course befitting given our venue to give a nod to the important issue of climate change and the effect it is having on our planet something which we all have a social responsibility for.

Therefore we wanted to highlight the important roles our Eco Warriors play in this battle (if you’ll please excuse the pun).

The work of Armagh Observatory and Planetarium in this area is highlighting on a national and international scale the importance of looking after our planet. In the past year they have developed a 360 degree planetarium show, in conjunction with the SRC, called ‘Our Place in the Cosmos’, which was played to thousands of people at COP26 in Glasgow.

They have also developed their climate change exhibition which is displayed throughout the year in this hall, and it helps bring climate change to the public in a simple and effective way. They have many more things going on in the background, but if we went into it, we’d be here all day!

For those returning sponsors you will note this year we have gone paperless.. or as close as possible.

This morning’s brochure is available to download via the QR code which is on your table and we have also reduced our carbon footprint by scrapping the traditional lanyards. To get to know one another and make your personal introductions we encourage good old fashioned conversation.

Our rescue champion of the year category replaces its predecessor Emergency Services Hero, to allow the inclusion of health care professionals, animal welfare workers or indeed any member of the public who has embarked on a rescue mission.

It is with great pride in Armagh I’s tenth year that we once again will work alongside side the public to highlight the dedication of these unsung heroes.

Armagh I has had the privilege over the past 10 years of covering some of the most important stories in not only our city but also our county. We have the responsibility to inform our readers of ongoing social and economic changes and of course tell the heartwarming and heartrending personal stories of our readers.

It is with all of this in mind that we formed the model for the People of the Year awards back in 2019 and launched at the end of 2020.

I would like to thank all of our sponsors for your support as we launch the third year of the awards and together with all the category finalists we look forward to welcoming you back the Armagh Planetarium on February 2, 2023 for the finale event. Without you this would not be possible.

Nominations are now officially open and all nominations are in digital format accessible on and through all the regular social media channels. We encourage you to promote your category through your own social media and to include the hashtags #armaghi #peopleoftheyearawards and the abbreviation #potya

Our team are available this morning and I encourage you to speak with Mairead, Kelly and Scott for those of you who aren’t camera shy.

Ladies and gentlemen, thank-you for your attendance this morning and remember to tell your friends and family all about the awards because there are unsung heroes everywhere.


Award Categories

Inspirational Young Person Award (sponsored by McShane Packaging)
(a) briefly describe how the nominee is inspirational
(b) how do they stand out from their peers
(c) summarize their strengths and special qualities
(d) show how they have made a valuable and recognizable contribution

Sports Personality in a Sporting Arena (sponsored by Sally McNally’s at the Corner)
(a) describe how they have made a positive impression in the world of sport and how their actions have captured the public’s imagination
(b) outline their achievements to date
(c) illustrate the strengths & qualities they bring to their sport

Carer of the Year (Alora Rejuvenation) 
(any person in a paid or non-paid role)
(a) show the nominee’s commitment and perseverance in helping provide much needed care
(b) what positive effect have they made to the lives of those in their care
(c) describe what makes their care special and how their dedication makes them stand out

Eco Warrior (sponsored by Traynors)
This category is open to any individual who has been working for environmental change. The criteria targets these areas:
(a) conservation of a place
(b) plantation and reforestation to green areas
(c) conservation of water
(d) waste Management / best practice recycling
(e) campaign for green initiatives within communities
(f) awareness campaigns amongst young people

Community Impact Award (sponsored by Aonach Mhacha)
Recognises individuals making a significant difference to community life. For example, a particular project or cause that has changed the community for the better by improving relations and promoting a shared society.
(a) outline the project.
(b) demonstrate how without this project the community would be worse off.
(c) demonstrate a commitment towards improving community relations and a more united and shared society.

Fundraiser of the Year (sponsored by Sealmax Roofing)
Nominations will be accepted for individuals who have been a fundraising advocate for a singular cause or for a group or organisation.
(a) describe the cause the individual is fundraising or has raised fund for within the past 12 months.
(b) explain the difference this funding has made to the cause.
(c) describe any innovative ways the fundraiser went about raising funds.

Inspirational Educator of the Year (sponsored by Messy Play NI)
(a) describe how this person is truly exceptional in their teaching & how their leadership or mentoring has inspired & captured the imagination of their students (of any discipline)
(b) how do they assist in developing the skills and enthusiasm students need to make a positive difference in the world
(c) include evidence of success and achievement in their field of expertise

Rescue Champion of the Year (sponsored by Dentistry @ Markethill)
Nominees for this award can be from any rescue service. Examples include: fire, ambulance, police, coastguard, health professionals, animal welfare or a member of the public who has took on a rescue mission.
(a) demonstrate how they work with respect, integrity and initiative
(b) outline the work they do or the rescue mission embarked upon
(c) describe their integrity and selfless dedication to their cause

Good Neighbour Award (sponsored by Tarasis Enterprises)
(a) briefly describe how this nominee dedicates their time to provide help and support to their neighbour
(b) outline how they are a positive role model to others

The Extra Mile: Employee Endeavor Award (sponsored by JD Hunter & Co Supermarket)
This award is to recognise an individual who, through their dedication to their role within a business, has demonstrated drive and passion. This category is open to all roles within any business. Nominees will be judged against the following criteria:

(a) How they have worked above and beyond the remit of their role to show enthusiasm and passion for their company.
(b) How inspirational and original their ideas are and the impact of these ideas on the success of the business.
(c) How they have demonstrated their ability as an ‘out-of-the-box thinker’ to help attract public interest to their company.
(d) Their engagement with colleagues and members of the public, ability to network and work as part of a team and interact with people on a level which stands them apart from their peers.

Overcoming Adversity Award (sponsored by Allied Customs Services)
You are asked to nominate a person who fulfils all of the criteria below:
(a) a member of the public, any age, who has shown courage in the face of adversity such as dealing with an unexpected difficult or unpleasant situation or finding themselves in unprecedented challenging circumstances
(b) describe how they showed true grit and strength of character
(c) how has this person been the embodiment of ‘the good Samaritan’ or shown dedication and a true zest of life despite themselves suffering personal trauma

Special Recognition – Lifetime Achievement Award (sponsored by ABL Group Insurance Brokers & Risk Advisors)
This award recognizes an individual or team who has/have made an exceptional contribution within the local community over the years
(a) give an outline of the recipient’s career
(b) show how they have stood out from their peers
(c) illustrate their achievements to date and how they were outstanding in their field

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