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What Further Education should you pursue to improve your job chances in Armagh?

The jobs market in Armagh is thriving, with plenty of careers available in a wide range of industries. However, it’s also highly competitive, so candidates need to do everything they can to ensure they stand out from the crowd.

For people fresh out of college and thinking about what to do in a few years, it’s important to develop the right skills now. Therefore, you should investigate the job market and consider what further education to pursue to make yourself a worthy candidate.

Understanding the Job Landscape in Armagh

The great news about Armagh is that it has a highly diverse job market. There are companies in traditional sectors like agriculture and manufacturing, along with technologically focused innovators in the realms of computing and online services. In the current climate, there are many key opportunities in construction, with forklift truck drivers and general labourers in high demand. Indeed, there’s a shortage of the former, so getting a licence would almost guarantee a job.

It’s also wise to think about forward-thinking businesses whose services will be needed long into the future. There’s a chance that robots may soon take over manual labour and construction jobs, so maybe you want to pursue a career in something that is unlikely to be done by artificial intelligence any time soon. These are all things to consider, but it also depends on what you’re interested in. The most important thing is to pick a path that feels right for you.

Getting the Right Skills to Stand Out

When the time eventually comes to applying for jobs, you’ll need to have a CV and a cover letter that will instantly make employers call you in for an interview. If you look at some of the best cover letter examples, you’ll notice that the main body involves writing about the various skills and qualifications the candidate has. If you don’t have applicable attributes for the role, HR won’t even consider you.

Luckily, there are loads of ways to pick up the skills you need to stand out. For instance, if you want to get into technical and vocational training programs, you can check out the courses on offer at Southern Regional College. There are construction and engineering courses available that provide hands-on experience that can then be transferred to the real world. There are also courses on multimedia and digital design that can help you get tech jobs.

Online Learning Can’t Be Ignored

While the SRC is a great local option for courses with qualifications, it’s also handy to explore what’s available online. This is the best time to be alive when it comes to further education, as there are now courses on virtually anything online. There are countless online classes to choose from, and some of the best include Coursera, MasterClass, and LinkedIn Learning.

It’s clear that if you know what you want to do, it’s easy to set yourself on the right path to getting started in that career. Choosing the right form of further education is key, and there are loads of options in Armagh to get you started.

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