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What an online business focus could bring to Armagh

There’s a strong sense that everything in the future of business is either going to be online or at least heavily impacted by the Internet. You’d be hard-pressed to find a business bigger than a local convenience store that doesn’t either have a website or social media presence. Entrepreneurs around the world are rushing to make the most of digital industries, so what could investment do for Armagh?


If you’re familiar with the term blockchain at all, chances are it will be in connection with the NFT craze of a few years ago. An NFT, or non-fungible token, is any kind of asset that is uniquely registered on the blockchain, which in theory makes it entirely unique in the world, although the craze around the whole concept has died off recently.

What blockchain really is, however, is an incredibly complex way of tracking transactions around the world, whether that’s money or goods. In theory, because each transaction is individually coded and inherently protected from tampering via near-invincible encryption, it can help with efficiency and bureaucracy in a host of different industries. This gives it a lot of investment potential while the concept is still relatively new.

Online Entertainment

It’s fair to say that when it comes to entertainment, all the latest and most interesting developments have been coming via the Internet of late. Online entertainment has been evolving in leaps and bounds with major new technology for the industry cropping up almost every year. It’s not limited to any one type of entertainment, either, as movies, TV and even online casinos are getting regular enhancements.

For instance, we’ve just started to see things like VR and AR tech make their way into casino games, opening the door for potential fully virtual casinos down the line. The tech aspect of the games is prevalent enough that casino review sites use it to rate sites and games as a key aspect alongside things like payment options. It’s a rapidly growing industry and there’s rarely a bad time to build up a business base in it.


While it may not be as much in the public consciousness as the above industries, cybersecurity is one of the main pillars holding up everything that is online. Without cybersecurity experts working around the clock, things like the blockchain, digital finances or anything else with Internet connectivity simply wouldn’t exist. They provide the trust that allows these apps to function.

The aspect that makes cybersecurity such a good investment for training skills and specialities is that the demand for new talent is constant, as security companies face a growing battle to stay ahead of threats. Whether it’s creating new companies directly dealing with cybersecurity or facilities and resources to train new experts, Armagh could do very well to stay ahead of what is sure to be a long-lasting trend.

Each of the above, of course, involves time, money, and effort, so we wouldn’t expect any returns for some time to come. With that said, each of these industries looks set to last the test of time, so it could be now or never to make the most of it.

Main image source: Unsplash

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