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Facebook is down – Instagram too! And WhatsApp isn’t faring any better either.

Obvious, given they’re all the one company, but as we’ve bleated on about in our weekly newsletter, they’re not the be all and end all. Well, they shouldn’t be anyway.

Today is a prime example as to why companies, of which we are one, should not put all their eggs in one basket (or two of the same basket!). We are not in control.

Social media, after all, is rented land. When something goes wrong, or algorithms change, we are forced to comply – or die!

This is why we have been working on developing our weekly newsletter; a way of taking back some of that control we hand over to social media giants on a daily basis.

We suspect the outage is temporary. If it proves longer, we may need to push our newsletter out more, which wouldn’t be a bad thing. We love the feedback we get. Anyway, you can sign up to it here.

Check out some of our back issues while you’re at it – we don’t take ourselves too seriously. This latest Facebook faux pas comes on the back of a rather intrusive hack which we wrote about last week.

Oh, you can follow us on the ever-reliable Twitter here. We have noticed a few of you jump onto that ship this evening, so thank you for that.

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