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Suspected drug dealer makes a hash of getaway after police turn up

A suspected drug dealer was hauled into custody after attempting a getaway on foot from police on Wednesday night.

Police attempted to speak ti the driver of a car in Gilford, and despite the best efforts of the passengers to obstruct police, the driver made off.

An ABC police spokesperson explained: “Our guys were on overnight anti-burglary patrol of rural areas between Armagh, Banbridge and Craigavon. Whilst around Gilford they saw a car parked up and tried to speak to the driver.

“His mates tried to be heroes by obstructing us, but all eyes were on him so when he tried to run, he didn’t get too far.

“Now, the exact details of what happened next are sketchy.

“The arresting officers would have you believe they caught him unaided. Word on the street is he tripped and face planted, making it a bit easy for the chasing officers.

“Regardless, he was arrested for possession with intent to supply, possession, and obstructing police. It got worse for him as DST were still on duty. They did a follow up house search and more suspected drugs and scales were found.

“The total street value is estimated at £1,000. His car was also seized for being involved in crime.

“Sometimes we come across this stuff just by having a peelers nose. Often though, we rely on local knowledge of who is doing what, where and when.

“These sorts of posts routinely gather comments about what should and shouldn’t be legal. Remember, we don’t control legislation, and simply enforce it, and deal with the reality of drug dealing.

“That reality is that criminal cash from drug dealing, regardless of what the drug is, goes up the food chain to bigger, nastier criminals involved in all sorts of horrendous crimes that NO ONE wants in their community.

“If you know anyone drug dealing in your area, you can call us on 101, message the Craigavon page, or speak anonymously to Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.”

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