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Spectacular sights to be seen as record-breaking ‘extra supermoon’ en route!

Excitement is building amid stargazers as we prepare for the biggest and brightest moon of the 21st Century!

The record-breaking phenomenon will be clearly visible in the night skies – weather depending – on Monday, November 14.

It is one of three so-called ‘supermoons’ this year in consecutive months – October, November and December.

But what makes this special is that this will be the closest a full moon has come to earth since the middle of the last century.

In fact, it will be the biggest, brightest and closest full moon to be witnessed in almost 70 years.

The record-breaking sight will be something to behold.

And you will have to wait for another 18 years to see the full moon come as close again to our planet – November 25, 2034, in fact, if you want to mark it in your diary!

Given its particular closeness this time round, NASA has dubbed it an ‘extra supermoon’ and something which will be “undeniably beautiful” to witness.

Picture: The supermoon. (Picture credit NASA).

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