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Calls for further speed limit cut on busy Portadown road as house-building continues

There are plans to cut down to a 40mph speed limit on the entire length of the road 'in due course' but councillors feel it should be lower given the number of homes being built

Roads officials are to be lobbied in a bid to have the speed limit reduced further in an area of Portadown currently subject to ongoing housing development.

ABC councillors have called on the Department for Infrastructure (DfI) to lower the speed limit from 40mph to 30mph on the Kernan Hill Road/Drumagoon Road.

This in in light of new residential developments which are being built there, which includes one to consist of 92 houses and a children’s play park.

There used to be a 60mph speed limit on that road. And, while the 40mph is obviously an improvement, some elected representatives used the ABC Council March monthly meeting to give voice to calls for a 30mph speed limit instead.

They had been furnished with correspondence from DfI, dated March 12, indicating there were plans to cut down to a 40mph speed limit on the entire length of the road “in due course”.

Councillors, however, do not feel this goes far enough.

Alliance representative Peter Lavery said: “On the Kernan Hill Road there’s a lot of planning applications, a lot of residential development.

“I’m wondering, they’re proposing a 40mph, but given the heavy urban development that’s going to go on there, would a 30mph limit be more appropriate? I don’t know.

“If we send out a query to DfI, maybe they’ll give us a reference number in response, but it’d be good to just put it on the radar and see what they think.”

Lord Mayor Margaret Tinsley also felt the speed limit should be lowered, but as a large housing development is currently being built at that location, she explained that requests for lower speed limits could only be made on the basis of completed developments.

The DUP representative added: “I was actually thinking along the same lines, but I was actually waiting until maybe that had been completed, because they only take it as it’s built up, but we can certainly send the letter in and then follow up with a second letter.”

Ulster Unionist Kate Evans said: “I understand that we maybe should just wait until the development is completed, but I just wanted to make it a note that I would have concerns with it being 40mph, given that there is a play park and the playing field there, and a cemetery, and we do already have traffic lights on that road, so 40mph just seems a wee bit too much.”

It was agreed then to send a letter now, voicing concerns, and follow it up later.

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