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Second teenager accused of ‘predatory’ car park rape in Dungannon named


The second of two Dungannon teenagers jointly accused of taking turns to rape a random woman while the other kept watch has been named, having turned 18.

Luis Martins Dos Mariano from Sloan Street, who police believe was the “instigator” of the attack, and Alcino Soares (18) of Braeside are charged with rape, sexual assault and aiding and abetting rape.

A detective previously told Dungannon Magistrates’ Court the complainant reported being raped by two unknown males on September 9, last year.

The males allegedly approached and walked her – one on either side – to an underground carpark in Dungannon, where she was taken to a rear corner and raped by one of the males, while the other, “watched and laughed.”

The detective said Soares “paced up and down, apparently keeping a look out. He laughed on a number of occasions whilst Mariano appeared to be raping the female. At some point she appeared completely limp and may have been unconscious”.

She stumbled away but Soares approached and pulled down her lower clothing before allegedly raping her.

Mariano reappeared and while laughing, seemingly filmed the ongoing incident on his phone.

Soares walked away leaving the complainant lying on the ground, slumped over on her left-hand side.

Mariano got the complainant to her feet, before allegedly subjecting her to another sexual assault.

Both males then walked her from the carpark.

On September 23, 2023 police encountered Soares after receiving reports of him following women and filming them on his phone.

He provided officers with false details although later corrected this.

Bodyworn footage from this incident was compared with CCTV footage from the carpark and Soares was identified and arrested.

Multiple mobile phones were recovered in his home and DNA matching his was found on the complainant’s clothes.

After caution he replied: “I didn’t rape anyone. No way man. That wasn’t me.”

He insisted all sexual activity was consensual and the complainant “wanted it”.

Mariano was charged a week later and released on bail chiefly because of his age at the time.

Soares was refused bail several times before being recently released by the High Court, despite strong objections.

The detective stressed: “If convicted there is the potential for a lengthy custodial sentence which he may try to avoid by fleeing. There is strong public feeling as a female has endured a well-publicised, horrific ordeal and ultimately wants the offenders brought to justice.

“If released, the fear it would instil in the community would be monumental. The details are both sensitive and distressing. CCTV shows the predatory nature of this carefully considered act, with each appearing to keep watch for the other as the abhorrent behaviour was carried out. We believe the defendant presents a high risk to the public, specifically young females.”

The High Court decided Soares could be released with strict conditions including electronic tagging, curfew from 8pm to 7am, no contact with the complainant, co-accused or any prosecution witness and signing three times weekly with police. He must also surrender his passport and cannot leave Northern Ireland at any time.

At the most recent hearing a prosecuting lawyer advised forensic reports are awaited and police will be able to submit a completed file once these are received.

A defence barrister described this as “slightly concerning” given the gravity of the charges.

“The court was specifically told this was almost a cut-and-shut case insofar as the incident was entirely caught on CCTV. It’s a bizarre case of a very, very serious nature. There is perhaps a more pressing need to keep a tight eye to avoid slippage, given the ages of the defendants and complainant.”

District Judge Michael Ranaghan agreed, and adjourning the case until May 3, warned “substantial progress” is expected.

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