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Don’t throw your life away: Brave Analee’s message to others as she fights for May Rose

Mum's plea to others comes week after CPR brought daughter back

The mother of a baby girl born with a rare brain condition and living day by day has urged people to think about how precious life is.

Analee Gibney’s little girl May Rose was born on March 9, and her devastated mum was told that doctors were powerless to help.

May Rose was born with Encephalocele, and fundraising has been ongoing locally to help send May Rose and mum Analee to seek medical help from specialists.

But one week ago May Rose stopped breathing and had to be resuscitated, having actually stopped breathing.

For Analee – who comes originally from Newtownhamilton and now lives outside Moy – she described it as the “hardest moment of life”.

She has also spoken out tonight (Sunday), after the death of a 15-year-old girl in Portadown, with police investigating a “possible link to drugs”, over the need for people to protect their own lives and their of their families.

On her online page charity May Rose Gibney’s Journey, she told how she watched doctors and nurses perform life-saving CPR on baby May Rose a week ago and how they struggled to get her to breathe again.

But May Rose pulled through.

Yet the little girl remains in need of life-saving treatment and it will be a long journey, although Analee, her family, friends and supporters are determined.

Analee cannot understand why people would hard themselves deliberately or deliberately put their own lives at risk when she is fighting so hard to preserve and save the life of her beautiful May Rose.

She posted: “While my daughter is here Dying to Live there are people out there who are Dying to Die.

“I would give anything to have my baby girl live a normal life, to have her Encephalocele removed, to give her the best chance at life. Before you think of taking your life, or doing anything stupid to jeopardise your life, and the lives of your family, please look at my daughter. We are fighting for her to have a life like you, to grow up and be loved!”

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