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Councillor posts transcript of conversation with suspected ‘BT internet scammer’

Councillor posted transcript of conversation to highlight others

County Armagh residents are being warned against a potential ‘BT internet scam’ doing the rounds locally.

Councillor Gareth Wilson shared his encounter with the scammers on social media this afternoon in a bid to highlight how the ruse unfolded.

Luckily, councillor Wilson cottoned on to the “suspect” caller, but wanted to highlight the issue, which has caught many others out others out.

“I just got a call from someone stating they are from BT and that I have a problem with my internet,” explained councillor Wilson.

“I don’t have a problem with my internet or device so I thought I would see what is behind this call as it sounded suspect.”

This is an exact transcript of how the conversation between himself and the caller went.

Scammer: Hello Sir.

Me: Hello

Scammer: You have a problem with your internet and we are getting reports of difficulties with your internet.

Me: Ok

Scammer: I’m just going to pass you to my manager Kevin who will fix this for you.

Me: Ok

Scammer: Hi I’m Kevin from BT and I am responding to some issues you have with your internet – what is in front of you on the screen.

Me: My work

Scammer: Ok.. ok.. can you go out of that

Me: Yes

Scammer: Now you have clear screen – is there a key on your key board which says CTRL?

Me: Yes

Scammer: What is beside this key?

Me: An arrow

Scammer: Ok sir beside that key what is there?

Me: It’s another arrow

Scammer: (he sensed I wasn’t falling for this it was the other side he was talking about) another arrow?

Me: Yes another arrow pointing downwards.

Scammer: Oh ok sir thank you for your time.. he just hung up.

Councillor Wilson added: “And that was it! So clearly an attempt to get me to allow them access or to visit a site where they can work round to getting bank info.

“Beware and never give information to anyone who you distrust – even the slightest doubt – hang up.”

BT have a outlined a list of common scam calls to be aware of – just click the link to check them out.

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