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Coronavirus: Armagh firm to launch window sticker initiative to help those requiring assistance

An Armagh city signage company is launching a window sticker initiative to help assist the most vulnerable and those in need throughout our community.

With an expected surge in Covid-19, many of those placed in the ‘at risk’ category, have no choice but to self isolate and the need for support is now greater than ever.

After observing a system employed in a street in Yorkshire – in which green or red cards are displayed to show if help is required – CLS signage in Armagh are to start printing something similar.

The occupants of the house will place a red card in their window if they require any assistance and green if everyone inside is okay.

This allows passers-by, or family, to check on them at a glance from a distance, adhering to the protocols of social distancing.

Speaking to Armagh I, Mari Smyth, of CLS, explained: “It seems like quite a useful thing that, especially for people in an estate; we just thought it might help people who are in their house on their own – those who might need groceries or might need help.

“We own a signage business and there is nothing for doing, so we have a bunch of men up there twiddling thumbs.

“So we thought this might be a way to one keep them busy, and we are not charging anything for it, as we just want to help out.

“It is pretty simple, if you are out for a walk and see green, you know everything is tickety-boo, if it is red you can knock the door or alert a family member.”

If you would like to request these signs for yourself or someone else, you can request them via Whatsapp on the number 07774631642.

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