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Armagh woman horrified as half-naked man carries out sex act in bushes near retail park

The woman captured the man's car on camera earlier today

An Armagh woman was left horrified after witnessing a man in a state of undress carry out a vile sexual act in the bushes close to a city supermarket earlier today (Tuesday).

The woman was walking with her 13-year-old daughter towards Spires Retail Park on the Moy Road when she spotted the man with his trousers down carrying out the sexual act on himself.

The young teenage girl, who was riding a bicycle, sped off down the bike path as the pervert scurried off to his car, which was parked at the opposite side of the Moy Road.

According to the woman, the man made off in his silver car in the direction of the Moy.

She attempted to take a photo of the culprit (main image) in what is the second worrying incident in less than a week involving a suspected sexual deviant in the city.

The incident occurred around 3.30pm.

“I didn’t get a very good look at him as I really didn’t feel great witnessing it,” she said. “He had quite a lot of weight and a round face, bald and was slightly darker in skin complexion.

“When he was going to the car he had a light shirt on but that wasn’t on while he was in the bushes, unless he had lifted it up, I’m just not sure; it all happened so quick.”

The woman, who did not wish to be named, said she she is still “really shocked and creeped out to see that in a public place, especially during the day when there are so many people around”.

She added: “I also felt worried as my kids always go to shops alone and I’m not sure if he would have done something had I not been there.

“Honestly, the thing that made me the most uncomfortable is that my daughter had to witness everything and the thought that he could do something to a young girl is unimaginable.”

The incident was not reported to police at the time.

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