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Portadown man on alcohol and cocaine binge told police officer he would ‘love to bring her home’

Craigavon Magistrates Court

A Portadown man who urinated in the street in broad daylight and told a police officer he would “love to bring her home” has been fined £500.

The case of Jamie Mulholland, of Ballyoran Park, was heard at Craigavon Magistrates’ Court on Friday.

The 34-year-old appeared before the Court charged with disorderly behaviour, indecent behaviour and possession of Class A drugs.

The Prosecution outlined that on August 28 of this year, police observed three males exiting the People’s Park in Portadown at around 12.40 in the day.

They were behaving in a disorderly manner; shouting, singing and swinging alcohol bottles about. Police asked the males to keep the noise down as there were families and children in the area.

The defendant – one of those males – became aggressive and shouted: “you can f*** away off, you f***ing c****” and “you won’t tell me what to do with my f***ing drink” before throwing alcohol bottles on the ground.

The defendant’s brother arrived and apologised for his conduct, before putting the defendant in his car to take him home.

As the vehicle started to move off, the defendant jumped out of the passenger seat and started to urinate against a fence, with the urine flowing down the footpath and onto the road, in full view of the public, “including elderly people and children that were in the area”.

Police asked him to put his penis away but he continued to urinate. He was then arrested for indecent behaviour, and further arrested for disorderly behaviour.

On route to the custody suite, he leaned across to where a female officer was sitting and placed his head on her chest. He was told twice to sit upright but did not comply.

He then made a number of sexual remarks, including: “I want a girl like you” and saying that he would “love to bring her home and do things.”

Whilst in custody at Banbridge, a small bag of white powder was found in his shorts. During interview, he confirmed that it was £40 worth of cocaine for his own personal use.

His defence told the court that Mulholland – a father of two who works at Moy Park –  was “totally ashamed of his behaviour.”

He stated that his client had had an argument with his partner and went out and started to drink. He then took cocaine in a state of intoxication and he “doesn’t remember” what happened thereafter.

He added that Mulholland was “totally ashamed” of his behaviour.

“He has apologised to his brother. He apologised to everybody around for his behaviour.

“He has not drank since that and he doesn’t intend to drink again.”

District Judge Bernie Kelly imposed a fine of £100 for the disorderly behaviour, £100 for the indecent behaviour and £300 for the Class A possession.

The defendant was given 12 weeks to pay the total fine of £500 and a destruction order was made for the drugs.

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