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Police appeal to community over teen gang’s activities

Brownlow Neighbourhood Policing Team are asking for the help of the local community to address anti-social behaviour.
Police say they have become aware of a group of young people, males aged between 14 and 18, who are involved in anti-social behaviour, criminal damage and burglary in the local area.
Sergeant Alwyn Peters, Brownlow NPT, explained: “There has been a  spate of antisocial behaviour and criminal damage over the last number of  weeks in the Central Estates and particularly in the Limefield Rise area where there are a number of vacant houses. We believe  there is a group of teenagers who are heavily involved in this  and also believe that they have been involved in some  burglaries.
“No one wants to live in an area that is vandalised or where they are  in fear of their homes being targeted. We want to put a stop to this activity  and find those responsible but we cannot do it without the support of the  community.
“We need to know where this group frequents, what they are involved in and what their activities are. We can use this information to respond to reports of ASB and crime and to target our resources where they will be most appropriate.
“No one wants their child to get into trouble with the law and I am  asking parents to sit their children down and explain the repercussions of this  type of behaviour. Young people may not understand exactly what they are getting involved in but a criminal conviction can have long lasting consequences on  their future education, employment and travel prospects.”
Sgt Peters continued: “I am asking all residents in the Brownlow area  to report any antisocial behaviour, criminal or suspicious activity to police  immediately.We will be increasing patrols in the local area and are working with partner agencies to ensure that vacant properties are properly  secured.
“If you have concerns or need advice you can contact the Brownlow  team on 0845 600 8000.”

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