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‘Pathetic vandalism’ a strain on already scarce council resources

A recent spate of graffiti vandalism in Armagh is hitting an already tight council purse, says one city councillor.

Referring to the abundance of ugly indigo squiggles which have recently been graffitied onto a plethora of walls across the city, Cllr.¬†Garath Keating says he finds it¬†“extremely hard to fathom why anybody would feel the need to set about vandalising the area in such a calculated and dedicated manner”.

He added: “I have counted over thirty incidences of the same silly looking marking in the same colour of paint which leads to the obvious and disappointing assumption that this mindless vandalism, to the private and public property of the people of Armagh, has been the responsibility of one person or a very small group of empty minded thugs.

“This is an appalling act of disregard against the local community and businesses here.

“Great effort is put in by a lot of people to try and maintain this area as a nice place to live, work and visit, but unfortunately as we can see it takes very little by way of destructive effort to scar the townscape with spray paint.

“Those responsible might be better served investing their energies into something a bit less destructive in future or else moving on elsewhere.

“I will be trying to coordinate with Council and other departmental authorities to have the graffiti removed from their respective properties, which is difficult in the current financial situation where resources are scarce. I would also appeal to any private property owners who have been affected to assist, where they can in the removal effort.

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