Are you possibly sitting on a fortune? Is the clutter in your attic worth a second look?

If you think you may be or want to find out then dust it down and get ready to make your Stormont in the morning.

The Antiques Roadshow have been setting up and will be filming tomorrow (Saturday).

The event opens at 9.30am and, as long as you are in the main queue by 4.30pm you will be seen by one of the Roadshow specialists.

The popular BBC One TV show – which is presented by Fiona Bruce – will be filming until 7pm and actively encourages visitors to stay on and watch the show being recorded.

It is a free public event – no tickets are required to attend the Antiques Roadshow.

All Antiques Roadshow visitors will be directed to use the Stoney Road security entrance for access to the main car parks.

Visitors will be able to park within the Stormont Estate car parks and there will be a free shuttle bus service operating between the event and the car parks. This service will be running from 8am until 6.30pm.

This will be primarily an outdoor event, taking place on the main lawns in front of the Parliament Building and on the Stormont Estate.

A number of the smaller disciplines will be located inside the Great Hall of the Parliament Buildings, but access to this area will be restricted to those with specific discipline tickets

Light refreshments including tea, cakes, sandwiches etc can be purchased from the Antiques Roadshow Tea Tent on the main lawn.

Dogs are allowed in the Stormont Estate on a lead, but not allowed permitted on the main lawns of the Parliament Building.