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Ambulance worker moved to tears by Good Samaritan who paid for shopping to say ‘thank-you’

An appeal by Hayley Hylands went viral as she reached out via social media to express her gratitude to the mystery man

Tesco store

A Co Armagh ambulance worker was moved to tears after a total stranger stepped up and paid for her groceries.

The Good Samaritan emerged from nowhere at the Tesco Extra store in Craigavon at the weekend.

Hayley Hylands, from Waringstown, had been on her meal break when the extraordinary act of kjndness happened.

The shopping – which came to over £50 – included Easter eggs for her children.

And the mystery man also added an extra Easter egg for Hayley herself to say ‘thank-you’ to her for the work which she does.

The incident led Hayley to social media and an appeal to find this gentleman whose generosity moved her completely.

Her appeal has since gone viral.

Hayley said she had gone to get a few “bits and pieces” on Sunday when it happened.

She recounted details on Facebook and urged anyone who knew who her benefactor was to get in touch.

Hayley explained in her post: “I only lifted a wee basket but as I walked round with the basket full and trying to hold a few items under my arm three different people approached me and asked me if I wanted some help. Sooo kind!

“As I put my bits and bobs into bags at the checkout a man approached the end of the counter & said ‘excuse me..can you stand back a wee bit’ – Social Distancing!

“As I stood back he put his card into the machine and said he was paying for my goods. This was over £50! As I stood with my hands over my face in absolute shock, tears streaming the cheek bone, my whole body was shaking and I had shivers down my spine.

“I said goodness no…I have Easter eggs there for my little ones. He said ‘That’s fine ..they can be from me then’.

“I was honestly speechless. As I lifted my bags from the checkout he then came back and set down this Easter egg and said ‘That’s for you…Thank you’.

“I am sooo sooo humbled by the kindness and generosity of this man.

“I cannot put into words how exactly this has made me feel. I have never experienced the like of it in my day.

“I never even managed to get this man’s namebut I hope this post will reach to him just so he knows that I am ever so so thankful. I will never forget this.”


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