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Fears of tragedy as hole ‘big enough for child to fall through’ remains uncovered at bridge

The picture shows a hole next to a bridge at Milford big enough for a child to fall through.

And, despite attempts to remedy the situation in the past, the danger remains.

Now a Milford resident has asked Armagh I to highlight the issue in the hope that someone will take responsibility before it’s too late.

The bridge runs down the side of Old Mill Court in Milford with a drop into the waterway below.

And the situation is exacerbated by the fact that there is no lighting in the area either.

The resident sent us this picture to indicate the size of the gap and there possibilities which are almost too much to consider.

He said: “The hole’s big enough for a child to fall down into the river.

“It has been like this for ages and any time anyone tries to fix it it’s only ever a quick fix.”

And there’s not just the water which poses a great risk to young people.

The man added: “It drops down to the river but there’s also rocks hanging out before the water, so if you fell you’d easily hit your head on the way down, and it’s just at the far side of Milford before the back road to Keady, which would be a very popular road.

“There would be children in that area; I would have gone down that way quite a lot when I was younger.

“The road leads to fields and a nature reserve up in Milford so not many cars would drive down, but if a car did go over it and hit this it wouldn’t be good.”

The man has called on local elected representatives or those with authority to take the matter forward to address the situation once and for all.

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