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Domestic abuse survivor urges others to use new local online resource

Police in E District have launched new online information pages to help signpost victims of domestic abuse.
The PSNI website ( has been updated with information on domestic abuse and how you can seek help on the E District web pages. All you have to do is go to the E District homepage and select ‘domestic abuse’ from the menu on the right hand side of the page.
To make it easier and safer for victims to browse these pages, PSNI have incorporated a red ‘panic’ button which will take the browser directly out of the page and to an innocuous webpage so that their search cannot be identified.
Instructions on how to erase your browsing history have also been included.
The new information centre was launched on June 10 and has received positive feedback from service users who gave the new system a test drive.
One service user said: “As a survivor of domestic abuse I welcome this resource as a step towards educating victims, families and society about this complex issue which is often misunderstood.
“I hope that victims viewing this website will be more likely to take the courageous step to seek help.”
The E District domestic abuse pages can be found at the following address –


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