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Two left ‘unresponsive on ventilators’ in hospital after taking drugs

Both took 'potentially different drugs but both laced with something like LSD'


Two people have been hospitalised after taking what police believed to have been drugs laced with LSD.

And police in Craigavon are warning people to be aware of the dangers and to report anyone they suspect of supplying or dealing in drugs.

They made their appeal via social people after confirming there were “two people in hospital unresponsive on ventilators”.

Police said they were still trying to figure out exactly what they’ve taken but added “the worrying thing is it looks like potentially different drugs but both laced with something like LSD”.

“We warn time and time again that dealers don’t care what they put in your body, we warn that you could end up in hospital or worse, and now here is that nightmare playing out for two families in the Craigavon area.

“Many people out there will know who they are, and probably even where they buy their drugs from.

“If you do, it is vital we get hold of that batch before someone else lands up this way or even dead. Furthermore if you’re currently in possession of something you are worried about, let us know.

“Those in possession shouldn’t be the ones criminalised here if they’re willing to put it out of circulation, the dealers should. DO NOT hand it to someone, and certainly under no circumstances take it. If you happen to “find” drugs, phone 101 and we can come and dispose of it for you, safely.

“Please share this around and if you’re having any unusual side effects from drugs you’ve taken, seek medical assistance immediately.

“Death dealers do not care. Phone 101 or PM us with info on who’s dealing, or phone Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

“There is no guarantee that whatever they’re spiked with originated in Craigavon, so share far and wide please.”

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