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Police warn anti-social and nuisance drivers at Armagh car park

Lonsdale Car park

Don’t be a tube! That’s the simple message from police in Armagh as they tackle anti-social and nuisance drivers at a city car park.

Lonsdale Car Park – adjacent to the bus centre – has long seen drivers park up for lengthy periods at night, but police are looking to crack down on those causing problems to local businesses.

Posting a photo of the car park on social media, a PSNI spokesperson, said: “This is Lonsdale Road, Carpark.

“Yes that’s right it’s a place to park your car.

“It is not a hang out. Not a place to be causing a nuisance to local business and residents, leaving your rubbish or just generally being a tube.

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“Tonight (Friday) we have already dealt with two calls in relation to nuisance in this area.

“We have collected some new ticket books for motoring and anti social offences, and have gathered our probations who are keen to learn how they get filled in.

“So ask yourself, are you feeling lucky, Punk.”

People tended to agree with the message police were trying to convey.

One woman said: “The way some people Park these days is disgusting. No respect for anyone!”

Another added: “It’s been the “hang out” for over 10 years.. Never stopped it back then nothing is gonna stop it now.”

One man said: “Hate those wee Put ‘er rouners in that car Park. Spend every penny I have so I can sit there for two hours, go down and around O’Kane’s roundabout and back up for another two hours.”

While one woman had a solution for daytime: “I use this car park daily (during the day)…..If these boys are in my way I smile at them and they move on.”

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