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Man sentenced for litany of offences including assault on female and threats to damage property

The injured party sustained a bleeding nose and bruising as well as scratches to her arm

An Armagh man who was sentenced on a litany of offences ranging from assault to motoring matters has been fined £950.

The 35-year-old’s barrister told court: “This is someone with most profound addiction problems which the Probation Service may be able to assist in.”

Kyle Martin Jones, of Kilmore Meadows, pleaded guilty to seven charges which related to three separate incidents at the city’s Magistrates’, sitting at Newry on Tuesday via videolink from his solicitor’s office.

The defendant was charged with no driving licence, using a vehicle without insurance, withholding information to obtain insurance, threats to damage property, criminal damage, possession of Class C and common assault.

Defence barrister Andrew Moriarty informed the court that Jones had recently been handed a combination order and asked that these matters were dealt with in a way for this to be carried out.

Outlining the facts, prosecution stated that on November 24, at 8.30pm, the injured party had been at the defendant’s home.

She had been trying to persuade him to go to bed due to his level of intoxication. He had consumed two bottles of Buckfast and two Coors light.

An argument then began with Jones telling the injured party: “If you don’t get out, I will get you out.”

The defendant then grabbed the female by the neck and pushed her out the front door onto the grass outside. He then closed the door and locked her outside.

The injured party began knocking the door, as her house keys and phone were inside. Jones opened the door and then proceeded to strike her to the right of her nose.

She was left with a bleeding nose and bruising. The defendant swung another punch but the injured party ducked to avoid it but it connected with her forehead.

Jones then grabbed the woman and pushed her against the door of a Seat Leon, and when she asked him to get off he replied: “Shut up.”

This left the injured party with further bruising and scratches to her arm.

When interviewed regarding this incident, Jones made no comment.

Then on April 6, at 6.30pm, police spoke to the defendant who was entering a Vauxhall Astra at Gosford Forest Park in Markethill.

Checks run by police showed that Jones was a disqualified driver. He claimed to have resat his test but DVA could provide no such confirmation.

Upon speaking with AXA, it was established that the defendant had failed to inform them of his disqualification and that he would not have been covered.

Finally, on April 14 at 12.19pm, police received a report of a disturbance at Kilmore Meadows, Jones’ address.

Officers arrived to find four persons, one who identified themselves as a neighbour and claimed that the defendant had threatened to burn their house down.

Police subsequently observed evidence of drug use in Jones’ home, and a packet containing suspect pregabalin tablets was seized.

The defendant was arrested, and whilst being conveyed into custody he picked a scab on his forehead and rubbed the blood on the inside of the cell van.

District Judge Eamonn King commented: “The main thrust of this is that he was dealt with as recently as September 22 by Judge Kerr.”

Defence barrister Andrew Moriarty stated: “This is someone with most profound addiction problems which the Probation Service may be able to assist in.”

Jones was disqualified from driving for 12 months and was ordered to pay a fine of £950, along with an offender levy of £45, within 16 weeks.

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