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‘Little boy racers’ terrorising passersby from city centre car park

It is two years since the PSNI launched a proactive campaign to stamp out anti-social behaviour in a city centre car park.

At the time they said they had increased patrols around the Lonsdale Road car park – beside the bus station – and would be adopting a “zero tolerance approach to anyone found to be involved in this activity”.

They were acting off the back of reports from members of the public who had complained of being blocked in by other cars and then “subjected to a tirade of verbal abuse when they ask the driver to move their vehicle”.

One Armagh man said the situation has not changed.

If anything, he says, it has got worse!

The man contacted Armagh I and asked us to highlight the ongoing behaviour.

He says ‘little boy racers’ are using it as a base from which to terrorise passersby, not just there but across the city centre.

“I’ve almost got knocked down while a car did donuts,” he explained.

“I have also been walking through when a firework rocket exploded just a few feet from my face.

“They drive around town in packs shouting at folk, soaking folk as they race recklessly through the streets.

“Something needs to be done to stop this type of activity.”

Another woman – who manages a shop on Thomas Street – said she has heard numerous complaints from customers over the speed of some vehicles driving along the street.

She said: “They’re turned the centre of the town into a race track. They are driving up and down constantly but especially later in the evening. All you can hear is the sound of the souped up exhausts. I have heard them shouting abuse at people just walking along and laughing at them.

“And the speed is ridiculous. Someone is going to be killed. The police need to be looking closely at the CCTV and do something to put a stop to it. You’re taking your life in your hands even trying to open a passenger door at the rate they come up the street.

“If they think it’s funny or cool then newsflash. It’s not. They might be under the impression it makes them something special, trying to draw attention. It does draw attention but it’s not funny or cool. It’s immature and just downright stupid – just give it a rest.”

Police have previously asked the local community – both businesses and residents – to report any incidents to them as they occur. They can be contacted in Armagh on the non-emergency number 101.

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