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Is this a ghost captured on camera in Armagh today?

The footage was captured earlier this afternoon

Is this a ghost caught on camera in Armagh this afternoon?

The ‘chilling’ footage was captured on Vicars Hill in Armagh around lunchtime on Monday, in the shadow of the towering Church of Ireland Cathedral.

The distinctive figure can be seen walking from one side of the road to the other before disappearing into the wall and grounds of the Cathedral opposite.

We’ve slowed down and zoomed in on the footage and the figure appears to be that of a man dressed in Georgian attire – befitting of the ancient city’s Georgian roots.

The person who sent this our way wanted to remain anonymous but seems to think his grandmother caught a ghostly figure on her dash-cam – despite the camera’s movement.

The man said “my granny is still hyperventilating from the shock of seeing the ghost”.

Vicars Hill has a chilling and rather grim history. The Green Lady anyone?

For generations the tale of the ‘Green Lady’ struck fear into the hearts of children across Armagh.

Often mutated story-telling meant many different versions were relayed over the years – word of mouth can do strange things.

The one thing that is certain in all of it is that, anyone of a certain age will remember hearing the tale and knowing full well it was time to get home before dark or ‘the Green Lady’ll get ya!’.

There are bound to be many variations and reworkings of the story – there was a ‘Green Lady’, there was also talk of a ‘White Lady’. She lived at the Folly, she lived in the city centre.

What many are not aware of is the origins of the story which they heard growing up are actually based on fact.

It is a tragic story – a terrible tale of infanticide, of insanity, of suicide, of murder, a fall from grace from the big house, to a shocking end in a Dublin slum.

The Green Lady of Vicar’s Hill stems from a macabre murder case more than 125 years ago.

Twenty-one-year-old Bellina Prior, daughter of the late military commander of Armagh, was charged with the murder of four-year-old Ann Slavin, from Callan Street in 1888. Click here for the full story on that tale.

Anyway, this was not the Green Lady, or White Lady, or any lady for that matter.

We’ll leave you to make up your own mind on this one…

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