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Bogus Sky caller threatens: ‘Help us set up direct debit or we’ll disconnect your TV’

They come in all sizes and guises but the end intent is always the same – to steal your cash.

From fake iTunes to Amazon, we have had our fair share of scams circulating in the Armagh area of late and it’s sometimes hard to tell what’s real and what’s not.

Today, an Armagh woman has told how her mother was lucky enough to know what to do when a bogus call came through purporting to be from Sky.

Melanie Wells McCauley wanted to warn others to be on their guard after her mum was contacted this morning.

She explained: “They said they would cut her Sky off if she didn’t start making payments.

“They asked her for her bank details to set up a direct debit payment etc.

“Lucky enough she knew not to give any of these out. 

“I have checked with Sky and it definitely wasn’t them.

“Just warn your family to be aware of this scam.”

Anyone who is in any doubt in relation to Sky can use the contacts on their own accounts or postal bills to ascertain what is and is not genuine.

The same advice always stands – never, EVER, part with your banking or financial details to any old caller no matter who they claim to be or unless you are 100% per cent certain of their identity.

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