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Portadown man assaulted two women after being ‘caught out’ by both who turned up at same time

While talking to both females, he was told 'you've been caught out.' At this point he 'snapped' and attacked the first injured party by punching her repeatedly

Craigavon Court

A Portadown man who assaulted two women after being “caught out” when they both arrived to pick him up has been sentenced to an enhanced combination order.

Matthew McCauley, of Princess Way, appeared before Craigavon Magistrates’ Court on Friday.

The 23-year-old was charged with two counts of common assault and one count of criminal damage.

The court heard that on January 23 last year, police received a report of a domestic assault on Thomas Street in Portadown. Shortly after arrival, they were approached by two injured parties, who stated that they were both assaulted by the defendant.

They both had confronted the defendant as they had both turned up at the Legion to pick him up. The second injured party stated that she was in a relationship with the defendant, while the first injured party had been in an “on-and-off” relationship with him.

While talking to both females, he was told “you’ve been caught out”.

At this point he “snapped” and attacked the first injured party by punching her repeatedly and allegedly trying to headbutt her, before he was held back by bystanders and the second injured party.

The first injured party then ran inside the Legion to phone police. Police observed “possible swelling” and a ripped jumper on the injured party.

When the defendant was walking past the second injured party he allegedly attacked her by pulling her hair and punching her. Police observed slight injuries to her face and broken glasses.

The defendant was then located on William Street and arrested.

McCauley’s defence barrister David McKeown, described the incident as an “unedifying series of events”, adding that the defendant had acted in a “frankly reprehensible” manner.

However, he noted that the defendant had a limited record, having only one previous incident stemming from 2019.

McKeown explained that the defendant had been out for the night and was not in a right state of mind, but had admitted his guilt and apologised in his sobriety.

Owing to the defendant being “deeply remorseful”, he said that McCauley had brought £300 in compensation to court, which was more than the jumper and glasses combined.

District Judge Bernie Kelly slammed the case as a “horrific incident”.

Speaking to the defendant, who stood motionless in the courtroom, she said: “You have to seriously ask yourself what your view of females is…..It should not be your default position to headbutt, box, lash out and damage items belonging to females.”

She added: “At the ripe old age of 23, you have to ask yourself the following question. ‘Why do I behave like this? What is my problem with womankind?’ Because if you can’t answer that question honestly to yourself at this stage in life you will end up in prison in the not too distant future.”

District Judge Kelly imposed a combination order of 80 hours community service and an 18 month probation order.

The conditions of the probation order included; no alcohol on or off a licensed premises, and that he was not to develop any personal relationships with a female without first notifying his supervising officer.

“There’s no such thing as going out at night and meeting up with somebody. Those days are over,” District Judge Kelly added.

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