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Motorcyclist lucky to avoid collison after laser shone in his eyes

'Lives are being put in dager'

A motorcyclist had a lucky escape in Camlough after having a laser shone in his eyes.

Newry councillor Charlie Casey has hit out at those repsonsible for the irresponsible and highly dangerous act.

The incident, which was not an isolated one, happened earlier this week on the Camlough Road.

Fortunately the rider on the motorbike avoided collision but councillor Casey feels it’s only a matter of time before sometime much worse happens.

“Lives are being endangered by these types of actions,” he said.

“Shining a laser pointer at drivers is incredibly dangerous and could have fatal consequences.

“The lasers could have temporarily blinded this motor cyclist, causing a collision.

“This kind of dangerous behaviour risks lives and must be stopped.”

Have you witnessed anything like this in the area? If so, please report it to police on 101.

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