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Shouted and swore at police as they arrested another man over unpaid fines

Defenced said: 'He was out of order, this wasn't his fight, it wasn't his war'

A man who shouted at police as they arrested a man for an unpaid fine has been handed a conditional discharge.

The 21-year-old’s legal representative told court: “He was out of order, this wasn’t his fight, it wasn’t his war.”

Caolan Magee, of Donnelly Gardens, Lurgan pleaded guilty to disorderly behaviour at Craigavon Magistrates’ Court on Friday.

Court heard that on June 9, at around 10.30am, police were making an arrest of a male in Deeny Drive with regards to unpaid fines.

The defendant, who was in the area, began shouting and swearing at police.

He was told to desist as there were children in the area but he refused.

District Judge Bernie Kelly stated: “Great to see he is opposed to paying fines, he has one on his record and may get another one.”

Defence counsel commented: “He was out of order, this wasn’t his fight, it wasn’t his war.”

Court heard this was the defendant’s second entry on his record for public order offences but that this predated the other charge.

Magee was handed a conditional discharge for two years.


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