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Assailant who claimed woman liked being choked during rough sex returned for trial

Dungannon Court

A man accused of assaulting and choking a female claimed in court the bruises she presented to police with were because “she likes rough sex and being strangled”.

Appearing for a committal hearing James McKenna (46) from Aghindarragh Road, Augher who is charged with intentionally applying pressure to the woman’s throat, false imprisonment, threatening to kill and causing actual bodily harm.

Offending is alleged to have occurred on November 1, last year.

A prosecuting lawyer told Dungannon Magistrates’ Court there is a case to answer which was agreed by District Judge Peter Magill.

McKenna spoke only to confirm his identity and that he understood the charges. He declined to call witnesses or give evidence on his own behalf at this stage in proceedings.

Judge Magill remanded him on continuing bail to appear for arraignment at Dungannon Crown Court on September 17.

Previously a detective constable explained the woman attended with police at 5.30am on the morning in question to report a prolonged assault by McKenna.

They arrived back at his home after a Halloween party and an argument broke out and he told the woman to pack her belongings and leave.

He became abusive, throwing her around the room until she fell to the ground where he “kicked and stood on her”.

She claims she was choked, struck across the head and while McKenna said: “I’ll show you what an angel does to the devil. You’re not getting out of this room. Women think they run everything. I don’t give a f*** if you’re dead.”

She was ordered to sit down then he stood on her legs and thumped her head with his fist.

He smashed a lamp and took a shard of this while threatening, “I will f***ing cut you. I can’t stop this now.”

When she pleaded with him to stop, he tried to choke her again, leaving marks around her neck and causing her to vomit and stating he would “finish her’”.

She managed to escape from the two hour attack, some of which she managed to record it on her phone.

She sustained extensive bruising from the top of her head to her legs as well as about her neck where she was choked.

The detective confirmed McKenna provided a pre-prepared statement during interview denying all allegations, thereafter answering ‘no comment’ to further questions.

A defence solicitor said his client’s father and brother were present in court and “this has come as a massive shock to the family”.

The judge asked: “Does your client offer any explanation for this woman walking into a police station black and blue from head to foot?”

The defence replied: “No – other than he has stated she bruises easily, but he is not aware of how she got these injuries.”

When the judge enquired if the woman “bruised easily in creating finger-marks around her neck” and the defence confirmed McKenna has not accounted for any injuries.

The judge threw out the application stating: “There are multiple injuries but the defendant says he knows nothing about it.”

At this McKenna spoke out stating: “She likes rough sex. She likes to be strangled during sex.”

The judge replied: “I advise you to speak to your solicitor before you start changing your story. I’m sure police will note that outburst of rough sex being brought into the scenario. I hope the family also take notice of it.”

While refused bail on that occasion McKenna was later released by the High Court.

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