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Co Armagh doctor shortlisted for prestigious Royal College of GPs ‘Inspire Awards’

A Co Armagh GP has been shortlisted as one of three finalists in the prestigious Royal College of General Practitioners ‘Inspire Awards’ 2024.

Dr Bláthnaid Carlin is one of three GPs in the running for the ‘Inspiring Members: Established GP’ award which recognises an individual who has achieved great things and who have made significant improvements or had a profound impact in their area.

Dr Carlin’s shortlist statement describes her as a wonderful and inspirational doctor for many reasons. She makes every patient feel safe and at home, speaks to her elderly patients like respected adults and is amazing with children making them feel at ease almost instantaneously with her warmth and fun nature. Even when it comes to blood tests, kids show no fear. Whether it’s telling jokes or playing their favourite Disney song, kids look forward to seeing her.

Dr Carlin is the most amazing patient advocate. She spent hours, beyond her contracted hours, advocating for, and making arrangements for a patient who had been assaulted the day before the Christmas holidays, as one recent example.

Any patient that comes into practice where English is their second language, Dr Carlin makes them feel at ease. She even has a ‘cheat sheet’ of simple terms (hello, goodbye, thank you, pain, fever etc) in multiple languages for reference during consultations. She knows Google translate is easily accessible but having a personalised sheet makes patients feel immediately at home.

When it comes to our LGBTQIA+ patients, Dr Carlin excels. Asking a patient their preferred pronouns from the outset makes a huge difference to a patient’s experience. She has helped countless patients feel comfortable in their own skin with her accepting and loving nature.

She has provided Christmas dinners to elderly patients she knows live alone, follow up with mental health patients in evenings and weekends so they feel less alone, and has bought homeless patients meals knowing where they will be situated on a particular day.

Dr Carlin is also a climate and sustainability activist. She is constantly finding ways to improve practice from an eco perspective.

Dr Carlin is special. She loves her job and has an ability to develop rapport and respect simultaneously. Her ability to set boundaries is admirable and in doing so she inspires patients and colleagues alike. I can think of no one more deserving for an inspire award.

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