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Armagh Rhymers collaborate on new Netflix series ‘Bodkin’

The Armagh Rhymers have announced a collaboration on the new Netflix production of the highly anticipated series ‘Bodkin’, co-produced by Barack and Michelle Obama’s ‘Higher Ground’ Production Company.

This collaboration marks a significant milestone for the Armagh Rhymers, bringing together their expertise in traditional mummers’ masks and costume and theatrical production with the global streaming giant, Netflix.

Bodkin is a darkly comedic thriller about a motley crew of podcasters who set out to investigate the mysterious disappearance of three strangers in the idyllic, coastal Irish town.

But once they start pulling at threads, they discover a story much bigger and weirder than they could have ever imagined.

As part of this collaboration, The Armagh Rhymers provided extras as well as their famous masks and costumes for the show’s pivotal Samhain scenes, lending unparalleled craftsmanship and creativity to provide authentic, high-quality costumes and extras, enriching the visual narrative and enhancing the viewer experience.

With decades of experience the Armagh Rhymers have established themselves as leaders in traditional mummers’ costume and mask design and production.

All the masks worn in the show were handmade in Ireland, some over 40 years ago! This partnership with Netflix showcases the organisation’s versatility and ability to adapt its expertise to new mediums, ensuring that ‘Bodkin’ will deliver an unparalleled visual spectacle.

“We are thrilled to partner with the producers of Bodkin for Netflix,” said Anne Hart, Director of The Armagh Rhymers.

The Armagh Rhymers on the set of Bodkin. Credit: Armagh Rhymers

“This collaboration represents an exciting opportunity for us to showcase our passion for storytelling through costume design on a global platform. We are committed to delivering authenticity, quality and craftsmanship that will elevate the viewer’s experience of this innovative new series.

“As a registered charity and not for profit organisation, all income generated from the hire of costumes and masks is reinvested into our education and community programmes, bringing the art and tradition of Rhyming and mumming to audiences who may not otherwise experience live music, tradition and theatre.”

Fiόna Ní Mhearáin, Arts Development Officer for Traditional Arts, Arts Council of Northern Ireland, added: “Congratulations to The Armagh Rhymers on this thrilling partnership with Netflix which offers an exciting opportunity to showcase their unique storytelling skills and craftmanship to a global audience.”

‘Bodkin’ is streaming now on Netflix, promising to be a must-watch for audiences around the world.

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