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Bail breaching US citizen in furious outburst against judges, police and lawyers

An American accused of misusing a communications network is back in jail after breaching bail conditions and having sacked his fifth lawyer in as many weeks

Matthew Wolf (45), who is from New York, but now resides Switzerland is charged with causing a female needless anxiety between January 31 and February 1, which he contends was “a misunderstanding”.

The complainant, who is from Moy met Wolf during a night out in Belfast and agreed to a date the following day.

However she changed her mind and messaged him saying they should “part ways”.

Despite this, Wolf booked into a guesthouse and asked local residents about the complainant.

He was arrested but refused to accept bail terms on offer at Dungannon Magistrates’ Court, insisting there was no requirement to ban contact with the complainant.

Wolf later relented and while deeming the conditions “offensive”, agreed to accept them.

However he contacted the complainant from prison before his release, almost leading to bail being revoked.

Wolf, by this stage on his fourth lawyer, applied to be allowed a short visit to Switzerland, which was agreed on condition £50,000 was lodged with police for temporary return of his passport.

No cash was provided but Wolf nonetheless travelled via Dublin on a European Residency Card.

Due to report to police on his return, but unable to get a flight back to Dublin, Wolf flew by private jet to Belfast, where he was arrested.

He was brought to court where District Judge Bernie Kelly found the breach proven and remanded him in custody.

Wolf promptly sacked his lawyer and demanded to appear in court the next day.

He engaged a fifth lawyer but ahead of the case being called Wolf sacked her too for “gross incompetence”.

Furious at appearing by video-link he said: “I do not agree with these virtual hearings. As a partner in a large investment firm, I cannot interview a management team online.”

He insisted the breach was not proved, instead deeming Judge Kelly’s ruling, “an opinion”.

Deputy District Judge Sean O’Hare advised: “The court determined you were in breach. That cannot be revisited.”

Wolf retorted: “I object sir. That’s untrue.”

The judge said: “You may dispute it, but it’s fact. That ship has sailed.”

Wolf responded: “That is not a fact, sir. That is an opinion. The detective lied under oath and I’m adding that to my Ombudsman complaint. I have a complaint against Judge Kelly and I will add you to that Judge O’Hare, if you will not to listen to me. I did not sign the bail terms. Judge Kelly cannot find me in violation if I did not agree to them, so the ruling of fact is not true.”

He continued: “Because I have means, I spent 30,000 Swiss Francs flying to Belfast where I was detained.”

A detective constable pointed out travel was only permitted pending the £50,000 surety which never materialised adding: “The defendant has no regard for bail conditions. We weren’t aware he’d left the country.”

Repeatedly shouting “objection” Wolf demanded to attend court in person the following day.

When told that wasn’t possible, he persisted.

“I will not accept that. There’s no reason I cannot be in court tomorrow. I don’t want to be in Dungannon court. You are not reasonable sir. I want to be in crown court not magistrates’ court.”

Wolf accused the detective of “throwing some misdemeanour at me for persistent communication which is total BS. He arrested me for rape and harassment. I suggest he and his colleagues be ready. No bail, just jail.”

Judge O’Hare remarked: “We can arrange that.”

Before storming off Wolf shouted: “There’ll be a complaint against you sir, just like Judge Kelly. Thanks for the injustice. I’m done with Dungannon Magistrates’ Court.”

The case will be reviewed next month.

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